Beacons App Development

Beacons are bluetooth radio transmitter devices which transmits signal that other devices can see. Beacons can be combined with semaphoric or other indicators used to communicate information. Beacons App development can make life easier as it can provide personalized information based on user interaction and vicinity as beacons can communicate within short range of its own.

Beacons, BLE, iOT are now used among many industries to broadcast, collect, compute and prepare useful data which gets transmitted by the devices using these latest technologies. Bluetooth low energy was originally invented by Nokia back in 2006, and iBeacons is device like cheese cube based on BLE(bluetooth low energy) concept which can transmit signal and small piece of information which is interpreted by receiver which can be a Mobile application.

How & Where beacons are used?
The use beacons devices have broken the barriers and stretched the boundaries of possibilities by providing the live transaction of data between beacons and receivers. Beacons have Bluetooth device through which it can receive and send information. Mobile sends out location and id based on which beacons are able to send specific information to the users.Beacons and Mobile apps can become great offering which can produce data based on events, location, etc. Below are some of the examples where beacons have become a boon.

Indoor Navigation – If beacons are placed at different places within one premises and one id is associated with one location, it becomes very easy to find specific location or stores within that specific premises. For e.g. A mall indoor map application which can precisely guide you to find any brand store that you are looking for.

Assets Tracking – If beacons are attached with assets, it becomes very easy to track assets. For e.g. If you wish to find your misplaced key, or table in restaurant can be tracked.

Kids Monitoring – We can build a solution which can have beacons attached to iCard of your kid, and with this solution you can track your kid’s attendance, Activity, etc. You can even set boundaries in which your kid can roam and play, if he goes out of the way defined then you will get alert through mobile app.

Retail Marketing Solutions – In Retail a business will never know when their targeted customer passes by, but if we build a beacons based solution which can alert the nearby people about store offers can increase the interactivity and attract more footfalls which can result into increase in sales.

SourceBrains have seasoned and experts Mobile Developers who will not only help you in development but will also contribute in designing business & technical solution for your idea.

SourceBrains team can help at any stages from following

  • Feasibility analysis and idea nurturing
  • Designing Hardware and Software solution Architecture
  • Designing Prototype of your App Concept
  • Developing back end and webservices for your App
  • Developing Android or iOS Mobile App
  • Integration of your current Mobile App with Beacons

If you have an idea, do consult SourceBrains Team who would love to discuss in detail and suggest best Beacons App solutions as per your requirements.

Why Choose SourceBrains

Any organization functioning is dependent on processes; hence we have fine tuned our processes and working style with a commitment to deliver work which can yield maximum output for our clients and at our client’s convenience. So right from the initial requirement gathering, communication plan, Design to completion of project every process is designed to make your App Happen at Ease.

Frequently asked questions:

SourceBrains will be signing the NDA as a first step before even we begin interacting about your concept and details will only be shared with project stakeholders. Hence your idea is fully confidential and Secured.
SourceBrains will handover all the assets and Sourcecode produced for the project to client. Client will own the full sourcecode after the Delivery.
Cost basically depends on features and type of project, however since cost can have high difference based on client requirement, hence our team of experts will help you with best solution which suits your requirement and fits budget as well.
Yes SourceBrains will also support to maintain the application at additional cost agreed between client and company.