Mobile Game Development

Games have been one of the most prominent and ever existing thing which does not have any age limits. Gaming Apps shed large number of downloads on Appstores as games are played by everyone irrespective of Age, Gender, etc. Gaming has become a part of day to day life for most of the people and users play games on Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Computers.

The Development process of Games is different than developing other Mobile Apps or Web Application and It requires a team of experts with different skills set to achieve desired results in Game. SourceBrains team comprises experts with years of experience in developing games and everything from preparing game concept document, designing characters, environment and developing a game engine, etc. So everything involved in game development from scratch can be taken care under one roof. SourceBrains team can help you develop games in different categories as mentioned below

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Real-Time Strategy Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Action Games
  • Sports Games
  • Educational Games

Gaming is one of the lucrative industry of all times and to make successful game one needs to use proper tools of development, design funfilled & entertaining UI. SourceBrains team will help you develop your idea using below technologies

Unity 3D – Unity 3D is one of the most reputed and well known platform for your game platform since it also allows to develop games which can be released on more than 25 platforms including iOS & Android. Unity 3D supports development for AR & VR platforms which is the future of gaming industry.

HTML5 – HTML5 is one of the strongest markup language which is browser independent and hence you can create cross platform games using HTML5. We all have witnessed a lot of development in web browser language and HTML offers Javascript engines & frameworks using which game development can be expedited. Our team will need to make tweaks as to make compatible with different devices, however it will be relatively less than developing a new game for a platform.

Native Development – SourceBrains team is well versed with Native frameworks offered for Game App Development in iOS and Android. We can help you with Game development in Native through which one can optimize the use of Native features like cameras, microphones, GPS, accelerometer, device notifications, etc.

If You have a Game idea which you wish to turn in to reality, then contact SourceBrains Today.

Why Choose SourceBrains

Any organization functioning is dependent on processes; hence we have fine tuned our processes and working style with a commitment to deliver work which can yield maximum output for our clients and at our client’s convenience. So right from the initial requirement gathering, communication plan, Design to completion of project every process is designed to make your App Happen at Ease.

Frequently asked questions:

SourceBrains will be signing the NDA as a first step before even we begin interacting about your concept and details will only be shared with project stakeholders. Hence your idea is fully confidential and Secured.
SourceBrains will handover all the assets and Sourcecode produced for the project to client. Client will own the full sourcecode after the Delivery.
Cost basically depends on features and type of project, however since cost can have high difference based on client requirement, hence our team of experts will help you with best solution which suits your requirement and fits budget as well.
Yes SourceBrains will also support to maintain the application at additional cost agreed between client and company.