How does iBeacons can help you make your App More Interactive?
May 23, 2018 admin

Beacons is being used very often nowadays as its a piece of hardware offering unique styled communication with the help of Bluetooth Low energy protocol which uses as less as one tenth of normal power and still communicate over relatively large  distances — up to 160 feet in ideal conditions.

Beacons have Bluetooth device through which it can receive and send information.  Mobile sends out location and id based on which beacons are able to send specific information to the users.

Beacons are changing the world in many industries and impacting users as it transmits helpful data over the air.

Let us find out how does beacons add value

Beacons in Indoor Mapping – When you visit any specific Mall, hospitals, events spread over large area of land, it can be troublesome for users to find one specific location. Beacons can help users find the exact location in any indoor premises.

Beacons in Retail Industry – Retail industry can be greatly benefited with the use of beacons as it can ease the work of shopkeepers as they will be able to push offers to customers when they are nearby and will no longer need Product tags.

Beacons Tags – There are many instances where firms, associations produce beacon tags which are tagged to users object and on identifying them nearby beacons send information which works like a personalized notifications and it helps users to take the necessary actions. Beacon tags are used in different cases as given in examples below

  1. In schools students are given ID tagged with beacon and student checkin, checkout and current location is logged without any manual action.
  2. In different firms – employees are given beacon tags are given so to lock and unlock doors based on identification of tags nearby.
  3. Beacons are introduced in Payments too, where in it automatically authenticate the transaction based on the cards identification nearby.

Our team have worked out creative solutions combining mobile apps with beacons, so if you have any idea where you wish to use beacons and mobile apps. Feel Free to Contact us.