How to develop an App like HQ Trivia
May 23, 2018 admin

Live video streaming feature has worked wonders for several apps in different industries, and In a very short span of time HQ trivia live game show has gathered unpredictable and millions of fans across the globe. Having seen the success of HQ Trivia How could you not want to develop a Similar App to HQ Trivia?

We have been asked many times that what does it takes to develop an App similar to HQ Trivia and we have listed below the essential key points

  • Game Concept – The concept of the game should have its own unique gameplay which can temp users to play this game again and again. The success of game highly depends on concept and game play.
  • Solution to provide low latency video – Since its the live video streaming to millions to users, it requires low latency video to provide the reliable solution. HQ Trivia is using a combination of RTMP and RTSP while other platforms are optimizing HLS or WebRTC to create a scalable experience. It’s only because of Low latency video that users get the Live experience otherwise it would end up in Lag and Buffer.
  • Real Time Polling –   HQ trivia has realtime polling which sits on top of the live video streaming, so we need either third party reliable polling solution or we need to build one using Node.JS, Pushe, Mongo DB and strong server to stream polling live.
  • Scalable Servers – As the users gets increased with a swoop within seconds so we need scalable server to handle the mass of users instantly.
  • App Security – As the Data is being hosted on cloud makes it safe but still, since it uses financial transaction and game based on which huge amount of money is distributed we should be ready with provisions to any possible risk.
  • Marketing – After the App is being developed successfully, it needs to reach to audience and sincere efforts in marketing will bring the targeted Audience.


Ready to Launch an App Like HQ Trivia?

Our team has prior knowledge in implementing Live video streamings Apps and Live Polling too, combining the experience of different projects we can successfully make an App like HQ Trivia. So feel free to contact us to get a quote or if you have any queries.